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Why Do I Need a Professional to Acid Wash My Pool?

October 29, 2015 Pool Maintenance  0

While you can acid wash the surface of your empty pool as a weekend DIY project, hiring an AMCO professional provides you protection and peace of mind. Different types of pool surfaces will need different mixtures of acid, and the acid can remain on the surface for different lengths of time before needing to be […]

Pool water ripple

When Should I Acid Wash My Pool?

If you have unsightly stains from dirt or other causes, or the algae in your pool is so bad you can’t see the bottom, it is a good time to acid wash. Acid washing is the technique pool professionals and homeowners use to remove algae, mineral, chlorine, and even dirt stains from the bottom and […]


Water Chemistry is a Process of Balance

Question: Why are my pool chemicals always out of balance? Answer: General industry standards for Balanced Water: • Chlorine residual: 1.0 – 3.0 ppm (parts per million) • Total alkalinity: 80 – 150 ppm • pH: 7.4 – 7.6 • Hardness: 200 – 400 ppm • Total dissolved solids: Less than 2,000 ppm • Cyanuric […]


Pool Feeling the Pressure? – A rise in 5 PSI of pressure means you need to have your pool filter cleaned.

Is your pool feeling the pressure this summer? Most swimming pools have a gauge located on top of the filter that measures the force of the water flowing through the filter in pounds per square inch (PSI). Numbers on a PSI pool gauge usually read from 0 to 60, divided by tick marks in 5s […]

Steps to the swimming pool. Rippled water under sunlight

Cartridge Filters – Environmentally Friendly

Cartridge filters are the choice of many pool owners. Cartridge filters are environmentally friendly because they do not require Diatomacheous Earth (D.E.) and the accompanying disposal of materials. Unlike sand, cartridge filters are relatively easy to open and maintain by cleaning two to three times per year. Cartridge filter tanks have a 7 to 10-year […]


Maintaining Your Salt Pool in Sunny Arizona

July 28, 2015 Pool Maintenance  0

Did you know that salt water pools do not bleach out bathing suits as fast as chlorine pools? Question: I love my salt pool because the water is softer on my skin and bathing suits than chlorine, but what do I need to do to maintain it? Answer: Salt pools use salt to generate sanitizer […]

Welcome to the blog for AMCO Pool Service, Inc.!

July 24, 2014 Pool Maintenance  0

  Greetings and welcome to our first blog post! On this blog, we will share tips from our professional technicians, as well as sharing the latest news and information about pool care. Check back soon! All the best, The AMCO Pool Service Team