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Contrôle du système de filtration d'une piscine

Save Your Hardware ~ Pool filters in Arizona need cleaning 3 times each year.

Due to the extreme heat in summers and dust storms year-round, filter cleaning is an ongoing necessity that should be part of your regular pool maintenance when you live in Arizona. AMCO recommends pool filter cleaning at least three times per year. Not cleaning your pool filters will lead to many negative outcomes for your […]

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Cleaning Filters is Less Costly than Replacing Filters in the Long Run

September 8, 2015 Clean 3 times per year!, Filters, Monsoons  1

Filters can be cleaned numerous times before they must be replaced. How often you run your pool filter and how many times the filter can be cleaned before replacement materials and hardware are necessary depends on several factors: the product(s) you begin with, how clean and balanced you or your pool service keeps your pool, […]


Canine Companions Cavort in the Pool

Does your dog love to swim? Having a dog in your pool is like having 4 people in your pool! If your pets love to swim you should clean your filters more often to compensate for the added bather load. Just as you watch your children around water, always watch your dogs and other pets! […]


Pool Feeling the Pressure? – A rise in 5 PSI of pressure means you need to have your pool filter cleaned.

Is your pool feeling the pressure this summer? Most swimming pools have a gauge located on top of the filter that measures the force of the water flowing through the filter in pounds per square inch (PSI). Numbers on a PSI pool gauge usually read from 0 to 60, divided by tick marks in 5s […]

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Cartridge Filters – Environmentally Friendly

Cartridge filters are the choice of many pool owners. Cartridge filters are environmentally friendly because they do not require Diatomacheous Earth (D.E.) and the accompanying disposal of materials. Unlike sand, cartridge filters are relatively easy to open and maintain by cleaning two to three times per year. Cartridge filter tanks have a 7 to 10-year […]