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When Should I Acid Wash My Pool?

If you have unsightly stains from dirt or other causes, or the algae in your pool is so bad you can’t see the bottom, it is a good time to acid wash.

Acid washing is the technique pool professionals and homeowners use to remove algae, mineral, chlorine, and even dirt stains from the bottom and sides of a pool to reveal a fresh surface. This is achieved by removing a thin layer of your plaster, gunite or Pebble-Tec.

Algae bloom, algae and phosphates can become embedded in your pool’s finish if the pool has received poor maintenance in the past or the water has been allowed to stagnate. Acid washing removes the algae and phosphates.

Q: Why can’t I simply add more chemicals to my pool to achieve clear water?

A: You can try to chase the algae from your pool by treating it with chemicals but this method is rarely the most cost effective and will still leave stains behind. It is best to drain and acid wash your pool so you have a combination of a fresh surface and fresh water. If you do a filter clean at the same time, it is almost like a complete reset of the system.

Amco’s professionals can determine if, when you drain your pool, it needs an acid wash before refilling. This is also a good time to have us fix pool lights and replace drain covers. (If you are planning to sell your home, drain covers must be up to code.)

Should you wish to have your pool tiles cleaned at the same time you drain your pool, we can refer you to an excellent technician for that service.

Fall or winter are the best seasons to drain your pool.

If you can’t see the bottom of your pool, it is a good time to call AMCO to schedule an acid wash.

Feel free to call AMCO Pool Service anytime at 623-932-9104 if you have concerns or questions about draining your pool, or your swimming pool maintenance.

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Tika says:
November 29, 2015 at 6:27 pm Reply

Great site. personally cleenad my own roof here in st louis. No roofing supply house or any of my roof contractor could give me any info on how to remove the mold. So i did it myself with bleach as you suggested. Actually we had it pretty bad so i tried the liquid chlorine that goes in our pool and that works even better then normal bleach.Question for you, do you know of any sites that would have any brochures or mailers for this type of service? Thanks

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