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What Season is Best to Drain My Pool?

October 19, 2015 Winter Pool Cleaning Service  0


Fall or winter months in Arizona are the optimal seasons to drain and refill your pool for several reasons:

Dramatic temperature changes can cause severe damage to the Pebble-Tec or plaster lining of your in-ground pool. Once the thermometer consistently drops below 85⁰ F in the Valley of the Sun your pool can be drained without inciting a costly re-plaster re- Pebble-Tec.

Also, unless your pool is heated, the swimming season is largely over by fall.

If you drained your pool in the summertime, much of the run-off is likely to evaporate. In the winter months, at least some of your pool water could hydrate your lawn and non-edible plants and trees on your property.

Summer is a bad time to drain your pool because the excessive heat can cause your pool to crack.

We recommend calling early to schedule the most convenient date for one of AMCO’s professional technicians to arrive with a sump pump to drain your pool. Our technicians can fix pool lights and replace drain covers during a pool drain in the same visit.

Tip: Selling your home? Pool drain covers must be up to code pre-sale. 

Feel free to call AMCO Pool Service at 623-932-9104 if you have concerns or questions about draining your pool, or your swimming pool maintenance.

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