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Why Should I Drain My Pool?

The 12,000 to 20,000 gallons of pool water you have spent money and time keeping crystal clear does need to be drained completely and refilled. Three to five years is the industry standard for Arizona.

The four factors that determine the need this procedure:

  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Environment
  • Frequency of use
  • Repairs or refurbishment

Filtration systems can only go so far to effectively treat swimming pool water, keeping the environmental (dust and debris) and biological elements (dead skin cells, hair, oils) out of the water.

The timeliness of a drain/refill is indicated when maintaining a good pH balance in your pool becomes increasingly difficult and it has been five years since your pool has been emptied.

A drain/refill is necessary when the TDS level of your pool consistently exceed 2,500.

Arizona has very hard water with a high calcium level in the water at pool startup, usually showing 700-900 ppm. A recommended TDS level of 2,500 allows most pools to be drained every three years instead of every two years while still maintaining a decent swimming environment. Draining and replacing the water is the ONLY way to treat high TDS.

All treated pool water is subject to harsh chemicals and over time they do accumulate, even with a well-maintained filtration system.

Draining and refilling your pool allow you to start with a clean base.

Dirt and chemicals can eventually leave mineral and calcium deposits on your tile and grout. It is much more cost effective to keep tile and grout in good condition than to repair or replace.

AMCO Pool technicians know the regulations for emptying the water from your pool. Most often the water can go  back into the sewer system. We use a sump pump to drain your pool. The empty/refill process takes approximately two days.

We’re here to answer your questions and concerns about draining your pool, or your swimming pool maintenance. When you need peace of mind, feel free to call AMCO Pool Service at 623-932-9104.

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