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Canine Companions Cavort in the Pool

Does your dog love to swim?

Having a dog in your pool is like having 4 people in your pool! If your pets love to swim you should clean your filters more often to compensate for the added bather load.

Just as you watch your children around water, always watch your dogs and other pets!

Not all dogs like to swim and even the ones that do like to take a cool, wet plunge may not be the best of swimmers.

Your veterinarian can tell you if your dog is healthy enough to swim.

Can you teach a dog to swim? Probably.
There are also pros that will train your dog. Quality K-9 is a reputable business that covers the Greater Phoenix Area and has trainers that offer doggy swim lessons.

Consider keeping your canine afloat with a flotation vest available at pet stores.

A proper fence will keep both children and pets out of your pool. If you have a dog but no children you might consider an “invisible” mesh pool fence as an alternative to a traditional fence of posts and metal. (Remember to keep any fence free of objects that would enable a child or pet can climb on and jump over the fence.)

Did you know you can perform CPR on a dog? How about artificial respiration? Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA periodically offer a Pet Tech Certificate good for one year after class completion.

Best practice: Brush your dog’s fur and rinse your dog’s paws before swim time to decrease the amount of hair and dirt your pool filter must to handle.

Best practice: Rinse the chlorine off your dog when pool playtime is over.

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