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Pool Feeling the Pressure? – A rise in 5 PSI of pressure means you need to have your pool filter cleaned.

Is your pool feeling the pressure this summer?

Most swimming pools have a gauge located on top of the filter that measures the force of the water flowing through the filter in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Numbers on a PSI pool gauge usually read from 0 to 60, divided by tick marks in 5s or 10s.

Normal pressure for your pool is determined by reading the pressure gauge just after your pool filter has been cleaned.

A clog in the line, a clogged basket, clogged “impeller“ (located inside the pump) will make the pressure read low. Low water level in your pool can make the pressure fluctuate.

Full filters, dirty water, or valves working improperly in the filter unit can make the filter work too hard and then the pressure will rise. A dust storm can cause PSI to will jump drastically in a couple of days if there is enough dirt to clog the filters.

Another way to tell that your pool needs a filter clean is if the pressure rises again immediately after backwashing.

Our certified AMCO pool technicians log your pool’s pressure at each visit, backwash if necessary, and inform you when your filters need to be cleaned.

When you need a filter clean, sooner is better than later when you want to preserve your pool’s health. Pump pressure does not rise linearly; your pressure might be 14 PSI for months, then when it begins to rise, it might hit 24 PSI in a couple of weeks.

If you are not having your swimming pool serviced by a technician each week, it is a good practice for you to log your pool’s PSI so you have a record of changes and can respond quickly to a rise in pressure.

AMCO pool technicians call you when the pressure has already begun to rise and we notice it on our next visit.

Filter cleans should be done twice a year at a minimum, at the beginning and end of the swimming season. AMCO recommends having your pool filter cleaned three times each year because the length of the swimming pool season in the Valley of the Sun extends longer than most other places in the U.S. In addition, there is more extreme heat in the summer, monsoon season in late summer, and dust storms which occur even in the winter.

The hardware in your pool may respond to abnormal pressure by needing replacement sooner than the recommended three to five years. Part replacement costs and the accompanying labor fees could make you feel like you dropped your wallet in hot water.

Possible pool problems due to pressure: Cracked manifold ($75+), Cracked cartridges ($200+), Grids (DE filters $240+ for eight grids) and screens ($13), Ooutlet pipe leaks ($115+) and seals (prices vary).

Maintaining your pool pressure at optimum levels extends the life of all of the hardware in the system and the cost of enjoying the safe, cool waters of your pool is much less expensive in the long run.

Feel free to call us at 623-932-9104 if you have concerns or questions about your swimming pool maintenance.

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