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Maintaining Your Salt Pool in Sunny Arizona

July 28, 2015 Pool Maintenance  0

Did you know that salt water pools do not bleach out bathing suits as fast as chlorine pools?

Question: I love my salt pool because the water is softer on my skin and bathing suits than chlorine, but what do I need to do to maintain it?

Answer: Salt pools use salt to generate sanitizer for the pool. The salt level must be checked and salt added from time to time. There is a salt level indicator on the control panel of most salt pool monitoring equipment. Manufacturers often have a disclaimer saying that before adding salt, a manual test must be performed – and the harsh Arizona sun is one of the reasons why. Salt will cause the monitor circuit boards to give inaccurate readings over time, so you can’t just rely on that piece of original equipment.

Salt pools maintain a sanitizer level that needs to be adjusted based on water temperature, bather load, and weather.

AMCO Certified Pool Technicians use a bottle test kit or a salinity tester to get exact readings.

Salt versus choline is a matter of homeowner preference. The generator in a salt pool makes a positive and negative charge back and forth and that creates the chlorine that helps keep your pool water swimmable.

Salt cells must be removed periodically and soaked in a solution to descale the build-up. Our technicians clean your salt cell (or backwash your sand or D.E. filters) as part of your regular weekly pool service.


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Salt or chlorine? What kind of water do you prefer?

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